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  ZGE expands globally from South East Washington D.C. to Seoul, South Korea

In 2008, Lafayette Barnes, the President and CEO of Zulu Global Enterprise (ZGE) launched his small global management consulting corporation in Washington, D.C. to connect U.S. companies to international business opportunities.  ZGE’s business values are building long-term trust with its clients by maintaining high ethical standards, integrity, first-class market intelligence, timely service delivery, and superior clientustomer responsiveness.  ZGE offers a list of services for business owners to choose from depending on their particular business needs. This includesIts core services are: 1) promoting B-2-B matchmaking opportunities; 2) building organizational capacity and sustainability; and 3) identifying potential financial capital and grant resources.

Winston Park the Managing Director of the International Business Department at Tara TPS welcomes Lafayette Barnes ZGE's President and CEO to Seoul, South Korea in  2015 (left).  Mr. Barnes reviews progress of the printing order finalized with U.S. publishing client in the spring of 2016.

ZGE’s professional services are provided by a  aconsortium of diverse and highly skilled global management consultantswho offer a board range of specialized competencies.  Lafayette BarnesIts unique background and network of U.S. and international business leaders offers greater access to the key decision makers needed to transform his clients’ global business objectives into successful outcomes. 

Lafayette Barne’s passion and vision for global business and development began while serving in the U.S. Army in Okinawa, Japan, then earning his Masters’ in Foreign Service at Georgetown University, and subsequently traveling to Africa and Europe for work and personal developmentleasure.  With more than 25 years of experience, Lafayette Barnes has developed a deep appreciation of world cultures, effectively working with diverse ethnic groups, and expertise to promote mutually beneficial and sustainable business relationships.

In 2015, Lafayette Barnes focused on taking ZGE to the next level through technical support he received from international business counselors from SBA SCORE, DC SBDC Network at Howard University’s Lead Center and Anacostia Economic Development Corporation (AEDC), and International Strategy and Implementation Consultants (ISI).

Armed with their know-how, plenty of courage and entrepreneurial spirit, and the company’s meager financial resources, ZGE’s President adopted new business practices, attended international procurement and trade events, and met with global business leaders in Africa and Asia.   For example, in September 2015, Lafayette traveled to South Korea and met with several international business sales executives and learned about their companies’ global business objectives and operations.  In November 2015, he arranged several follow up meetings for ZGE’s potential South Korea clients in Washington, D.C.

Upon his return, Mr. Barnes was able to negotiate mutually beneficial terms and sign a professional services contract with its first South Korean global business client.  Tara Total Printing Solutions (TPS), headquartered in Seoul, earns roughly $280M in annual gross revenues from core services such as large-scale commercial paper distribution, printing, and digitally printed materials.  Tara has clients in African, Asian, European, and the United States markets. 

During the last year, ZGE has succeeded in facilitating B-2-B matching services between a well-established Mid-West U.S. publishing company and Tara TPS, arranging face-to-face and virtual meetings to learn about their business cultures and operations, and enabling the signing of their first international printing contract in Seoul in May 2016.  Since the signing, Tara TPS has successfully printed and shipped its first order to the U.S. firm and begun work on its second order to the company.  Both companies are also expected to benefit from more competitive pricing, greater operational cost savings, and new market opportunities.

The business relationship and trust established between ZGE and Tara TPS has opened doors to new global commercial opportunities.  The companies are negotiating terms for ZGE to become Tara’s business agent for the Eastern region of the U.S., expand global printing sales in select African markets, and explore the prospects for establishing an International Joint Venture in the U.S.  Furthermore, Mr. Barnes is working closely with its international business counselors to develop ZGE’s capacity and strategy to pursue these prospective global opportunities in 2017 and beyond.

ZGE would like to thank SBA SCORE, DC SBDC, especially AEDC, and ISI Consultants for their valuable support to expand globally from Southeast Washington, D.C. to Seoul, South Korea.

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